5 Guaranteed Ways to Be a Better Leader for the Gen Z

how to be a better leader for the gen z

Gen Z is now populating the world’s market at a rapid pace. They have entered the work culture as employees who are being managed by veteran OGs. It has been reported that almost 25% of the global labor force now accounts for Gen Z.

However, this hasn’t shown the most ideal boss-employee relationship. According to Dr. Steven Stein, the founder of Multi-Health Systems and the author of the international bestseller The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success, the generation gap makes communicating, engaging, and motivating an entirely different generation confusing and sometimes irritable. 

So, what should you do as a leader working with an alien-like generation? In the words of Bob Nelson: “You get the best efforts from others not by lighting a fire beneath them but by lighting a fire within.” As leaders of tomorrow, you need to leverage the Gen Z workforce in different ways than they are used to, and here is how to do just that. 

1. Create a purpose

how to be a better leader for the gen z

Leaders must recognize that most Gen Z’ers feel restless and bewildered when entering the workforce. Since many Gen Z’ers were encouraged to follow their passion, they tend to hunt for meaning in every job they take. Meaning and purpose are revealed when leaders give their Gen Z employees the space and time for frank, open dialogue. Hence, the employees will feel heard, and the leader will better understand how to challenge and motivate them. 

2. Create a deeper connection

Employees of Gen Z are more inclined to open up about their genuine motivations for working when leaders communicate with them on a deeper level. Creating a mentorship environment, making time for cooperation, and holding regular one-on-one check-ins are some strategies for fostering a good interpersonal relationship. They are given opportunities to focus on their unique requirements, encouraging them to accomplish their objectives. 

3. Instill long-term goals

how to be a better leader for the gen z

Stability and fulfilling jobs are what the Gen Z’ers are driven by. A Gen Z member is unlikely to view their current job as a long-term commitment if they believe it does not support their way of life. Self-actualization is all about pursuing worthwhile goals that make life enjoyable. 

Leaders can have a clearer idea of what kind of remuneration and corporate initiatives need to be in place to meet the expectations of the growing workforce by understanding that stability and fun are the two key workplace objectives most Gen Z’ers are searching for. 

To further engage and motivate Gen Z’ers, businesses must provide fair compensation and authentic, clear strategic objectives for advancing inside the corporation.

4. Prioritize something bigger 

how to be a better leader for the gen z

In addition to pursuing their own distinctive goals, Gen Z’ers also want to help a worthy cause because they are more politically and socially progressive than previous generations. Leaders must give Gen Z’ers the time and space to participate in community involvement. They will be more motivated if they can contribute to a company-wide cause, receive paid volunteer leave, or have a day off to vote.

5. Accept innovation

Flexibility is the ability to adjust to novel situations and concepts that frustrate previous generations. However, Gen Z’ers are strong in this area; therefore, leaders should give them the freedom to develop fresh, creative strategic perspectives. To help with this, executives should actively listen to what Gen Z’ers have to say and consider their innovative solutions with an open mind rather than dismissing them immediately.

The Final Say

Ultimately, organizations must adapt or lose when Generation Z joins the workforce. In any case, Gen Z’ers are here, and you will suffer if you ignore the new generational factors. You can either spend this year motivating, retaining, or engaging new young team members rather than suffering the losses of turnover, disengagement, and lack of productivity. So, suppose you are willing to concentrate on the incoming generation or identify their emotional makeup. In that case, we at Modern World can help educate you about the dos and don’ts with the fresh faces in the market. As a fast-growing global digital media brand, you are one click away from the most innovative, modern, and Gen Z-compliant way of living and working with us. 

Ethel Emmons

Ethel Emmons writes about technology, business, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. Originally born and raised in the Philippines, she took on a very challenging journey on her own to migrate to the USA in her early 20s. She started as a software engineer and a product program manager at major Silicon Valley big-tech and start-ups. She was a 3-time expat who worked and lived in The Hague and London as a global technology executive for an oil major in the most recent six years. She traveled to 38 countries for work and cultural pursuits. She follows Formula One and enjoys her two Maltese puppies, Nemo and Benji. She is the founder and CEO of The Glam Daily and Skin Beautiful Organics.