5 Reasons to Get Excited about Liquid Makeup

liquid makeup

If you’re getting your feet wet in the makeup world or are an adventurous spirit who embraces brand-switching to experience what’s trending on the market, and you love liquid makeup, you have plenty to smile about.

Liquid makeup is still a hot commodity on makeup aisles and online stores in 2022, cementing its place among beauty enthusiasts who enjoy its timeless benefits.

So, what is liquid makeup?

In a nutshell, liquid makeup is water-based with silicone components to make it easier to glide on your skin without the greasy or heavy feeling.       

Liquid foundation is one of the most popular liquid makeup types, and it comes in different shades. Usually packaged in a clear plastic or glass bottle, some users apply liquid foundation with an applicator, a foundation brush, or a wet sponge. But some also use their fingers to spread and smooth the liquid product evenly on their skin.

But liquid makeup can also come in different forms, such as blushes, highlighters, lip glosses, lip stains, eyebrow color, mascaras, brow gels, and eye shadows.

What You’ll Love About Liquid Makeup

If you’re still navigating your way to finding the perfect shade to match your unique skin tone, or if you’re the adventurous enthusiast who gets occasionally shocked with your alternative pursuits, the versatility of liquid makeup can probably save you heartaches from having to go through costly trials and frustrating patchy looks.

Here are five reasons to consider going liquid this year:

1. Versatile

Have you ever felt disappointed when the makeup shade you bought did not match your skin tone? You’re not alone. It happens to lots of makeup users, even seasoned ones. But, thank your lucky stars for liquid foundation, you can just get a lighter or a darker shade to blend with the wrong product, and you’ve got yourself a beauty-saving hack in no time. From budget brands to high-end names, there are hundreds of shades to consider. And as you hunt for your skin tone’s soul mate, embracing the art of blending will get you closer to your perfect match.

Credits: Saie

2. Hydrating

If you’re into the minimalist but sexy look, you’ll love how your face will radiate with that trendy healthy glow that shouts moisturized everywhere you go. Liquid foundations are easy to spread evenly on your face and neck, giving your face a dewy finish instead of dry. Paired with a good moisturizer, serum, or primer, you can massage the product with care, ensuring it doesn’t rest on your fine lines or cake on some areas of your face. Go bronzed or sun-kissed and flaunt your healthy, radiant glow. 

3. Glossy

Pink gloss is all the craze right now, with influencers getting their glittery shades for that “supernatural” look. And probably for good reasons. Clean, low-key, romantic, and fun all rolled into one is what youthful makeup is all about. So, make sure you’ve got your liquid pink lip gloss handy even when you’re chilling at home or when you’re out and about with your besties. And don’t toss the nude ones, either. Bare, light brown colors are great alternatives to pink for those hydrated, refreshing, and naked pouts.

Credits: Ilia Beauty

4. Blendable

The word “blendable” does not exist in traditional dictionaries, but that’s the synonym for a keeper in the makeup universe. Think ILIA Beauty liquid highlighters and liquid blushes from Saie and Milk Makeup, or your favorite clean brands, perhaps from your endless trips to the makeup aisles. Liquid makeup allows you to build up, tone down, or gently blend the colors to achieve the glam, dewy, sun-kissed look perfect for a trip to the beach, a leisurely Sunday brunch with your friends, or any special occasion with your loved ones.   

5. Trendy

2022 is all about sparkle and dewy and ethereal. It’s about making a bold statement one moment and keeping it toned down, minimalistic, and low-key in a heartbeat. This year, you’ll see lots of pink and nude lip glosses, flushed cheeks, wild, graphic creamy eye shadows, and liners everywhere, courtesy of your skin-loving, user-friendly, and fashionable liquid makeup. So, stock up and have fun with it! 

Ethel Emmons

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