Beauty For All: Brands Embrace the Real You

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No one can grab life, keep it in a box, and put a label on it.

The same goes for beauty. 

It may sound philosophical, but beauty is like water that flows from a stream to the vast ocean and back. It’s dynamic, boundless, and moves the eye of the beholder in infinite ways. 

This can also be the perfect explanation for why inclusive beauty is now a billion-dollar industry. 

Beauty brands have evolved to avoid catering to only a specific group of users and discount the needs of those outside the industry’s standards. That means more brands are now paying tribute to your heritage and offering customized products that suit your individual tastes for colors and ingredients that match your skin tone and cultural preferences.

What is inclusive beauty?

Skincare and makeup that suit different ethnic cultures are part of the inclusive beauty revolution that recognizes and celebrates diversity. Inclusive beauty has allowed brands to reach out to a broader market, representing everyone’s story and paying tribute to where they came from.

Before inclusivity in the beauty industry became huge in recent years, beauty brands offered limited selections to the vast market of makeup and skincare users. For instance, if your skin color is darker or more olive or yellow in tone, you probably struggled to find the right foundation shade back then, as most makeup products were made for a fairer or paler complexion.

Today, different races with unique tastes and physical features can enjoy trying different shades, hues, and formulations that match their skin color and body chemistry. 

That means you and your friends have all the reasons to feel and look great without going through the rigid process of hunting for the right makeup and skincare products. 

Made specifically for you and your besties

There are various inclusive niches on the market, including men’s skincare, makeup lines, and haircare for Asian, Hispanic, or African American women. But makeup and skincare made in Korea, Japan, India, and Africa, have become immensely popular among beauty enthusiasts.

If you haven’t tried these products out yet, this is the best time to get to know them, so you can explore them on your next trip to your favorite beauty stores:


Credits: Glow Recipe

Are you into the viral K-Pop and K-Drama mania that has exploded online since the biggest Korean group BTS conquered hearts? If yes, you’re probably wondering what the secret to your favorite Korean stars’ flawless skin and makeup is. 

Well, you’re not alone. Beauty enthusiasts have been scouring beauty aisles for Korean beauty products to find out if their skin will achieve the same glow, hydration, brightness, luminosity, and youthfulness.

Some popular clean K-Beauty products you can try now include Glow RecipeWhamisaInnisfreeHuxleyShangpreeKajaTonyMoly, and Purito.  


Credits: Hada Labo

Japanese beauty products are known for clean, organic, and old-fashioned ingredients as simple as water dating back from ancient eras and traditions that promote health, longevity, minimalism, and, of course, flawless skin. It’s no wonder J-Beauty products have always been a favorite among beauty product consumers. 

From high-end to affordable makeup and skincare, you can pamper yourself with various trendy and high-performing Japanese brands to moisturize and clean your skin to flawless perfection.

Try clean brands like Hada Labo, Cure, Evita, and Ruhaku the next time you go J-Beauty hunting yourself or with your friends.


Credits: Forest Essential

Indian women have unique standards for beauty as represented by their makeup and skincare products infused with vegan and botanical ingredients. Formulated to promote healthy skin and a clean environment, Indian-made beauty brands aim to give you a healthy, glowing, and vibrant look perfect for any occasion.

Try these refreshing all-natural, cruelty-free brands, such as Forest EssentialKerala AyurvedaSoulTreeJust Herbs, and Juicy Chemistry


Credits: Epara

Africa’s rich heritage and natural resources have paved the way for clean beauty products African women and beauty enthusiasts of color across the world have embraced to achieve beautiful, radiant, ageless, and healthy skin.

Luxurious yet natural, A-Beauty products indulge your skin with ancestral ingredients sourced in Africa and used by Africans and women of color for centuries for their healing and beauty benefits. 

Try A-Beauty brands like EparaAfrican BotanicsAgrestal Beauty, and 54 Thrones on your next adventure in your favorite beauty go-to’s makeup and skincare sections.

Say goodbye to limited makeup colors and skincare formulas. It’s time to celebrate diversity as we all embrace the benefits of inclusive beauty. 

Remember to love the skin you’re in and pamper yourself with clean, natural, and customized makeup and skincare products made for the real you.

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