How To Get the Trending Freckled Look

freckled look

If you were born with freckles, you must be smiling right now.

Beauty and fashion icons across the world are going to great lengths to recreate your look and are wearing your natural skin features as if they were born with them.

Amazing, right?

Your natural pigment spots have turned into a fashion statement that modern men and women are flaunting now, real or not. And it’s time to understand why.

How it started

The trend may have started in the mid-90s as women were inspired by celebrities who embraced their natural gifts, such as supermodel Twiggy in the ’60s, actress Farrah Fawcett in the ’70s, actress Juliane Moore in the ’80s, actress Lucy Liu in the ’90s, and more.

But the fake freckle trend has gone viral, thanks to social media, over the last couple of years. And it’s looking like it’s not going away anytime soon.

What are fake freckles

Fake freckles are recreated freckles people put on their faces using the magic of makeup. And while photo filter apps have been a thing, this beauty trend lets people embrace the natural look, encouraging everyone to reveal what was once considered skin imperfections.    

This year, you’ll see more fashion models sporting faux freckles on the runway, social media influencers and celebrities wearing and raving about the trend, and even helpful tutorials.

This trend is all about being bold and not hiding anything. And the more noticeable yet natural-looking your freckles are, the better.

How do you achieve the freckled look

If you’re curious to know what you’ll look like with fake freckles, or if you’re a trendsetter ready to make a splash this year, you have plenty of ways to achieve the perfect freckled look.

And you don’t need to spend much either.

Credits: Pudaier

While some people have gone to great lengths to achieve fake freckles by using freckle pen, facial henna or expensive cosmetic enhancements, you can look inside your daily makeup bag to create your freckles.

You can use liquid or creamy eyeliners, mascaras, brow pomades, tanning lotion, and lipsticks.

Just remember. Your face is delicate, so use extra care when choosing what to apply to your skin. Ensure the products do not cause skin irritation, scars, or injuries.

How do you apply fake freckles on your face

You can always search online for fake or faux freckle tutorials. If you’re visual and need to follow the step-by-step process, you’ll find a lot of makeup influencers and vloggers doing a live demonstration of how to do it right.  

But we have a few tricks of our own to achieve the perfectly freckled look, and we’re sharing them here with you.

  1. With a creamy eyebrow or eyeliner (or even lipstick) or Pudaier Freckle Pen in the color that will look like natural freckles on your face, gently, carefully, and liberally dot your face with fake freckles on the spots you want to highlight. Most people put the faux freckles in between brows, on the upper area of the nose, and areas under and around the eyes. It’s totally up to you.
  2. Blend the freckles gently with a makeup brush. Apply a hint of your favorite blush or bronzer on top of the freckles to achieve that natural look.
  3. Look in the mirror to check for missed spots or odd freckles that did not blend. If you’re satisfied, smile. You look radiant and beautiful.

Here are some of our favorite freckled glam’ers:

Let’s embrace self-love, confidence, and empowerment.

If the world embraces what was once considered a skin flaw and treats it as a symbol of natural beauty and bold confidence, that’s beautiful. Accepting our innate beauty and loving ourselves and others despite imperfections are values we must always embrace, encourage, and celebrate.

Don’t be afraid to show the world who and what you are.

And love yourself more.

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