Time Management: What Will You Do with 1 Hour of Free Time?

time management

Life is incredibly hectic in the digital age, and we can all feel the difference from what it was a couple of decades ago. That difference is even more evident given the changes we have experienced in the last 24 months.

Given that everything is moving much faster, we are in a situation that makes it very important to learn to make the most out of time. It would be tough to handle the hectic pace of life in the digital age if we were not making some profound changes.

How good are you at time management?

time management

This question is not very easy to answer, but at the same time, some specific signs will tell you if you are good at time management or not. For example, you need to consider how much time of the day you are spending on activities that offer no value other than instant gratification and entertainment.

One of the best examples of this type of entertainment is social media. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have a vast library of entertaining videos with little to no value to the audience. 

It is easy to get caught up with this type of entertainment, which is one of the reasons we recommend you look into how you spend your free time. If you watch TikTok videos for five minutes every hour, you spend at least 60 to 80 minutes of your day watching those videos.

This is some food for thought regarding this type of activity. Just like this example, there could be many other things you are doing daily that take big chunks of your daily time. 

The best way to determine if this is happening to you is to keep track of everything you do daily. Once you spot the things that are wasting your time, you can decide if they are worth engaging.

Do you have a schedule or structure for your day?

time management

One of the best ways to determine if you are good at time management is to consider if you are scheduling your days. This means that there needs to be a structure to how you work. You will have to consider several things to ensure that you are working correctly.

A good exercise is to create a schedule on your computer. Just take a word or excel sheet and start writing activities that you should be doing during the day; developing a strategy that will help you engage your days with discipline is excellent. This will also help you decide if you will have enough spare time for any leisure.

How to determine what a waste of time is?

time management

Understanding the differences between wasting time and enjoying some free time is essential. If you want to know if something wastes your time, ask yourself if that particular activity is helping you achieve anything.

What this means is that any activity you are engaging should provide more than fleeting entertainment. This is simple, but for some people, a few actions can be difficult to separate between a waste of time and something they find gratifying.

The main thing you need to remember at all times is that your ability to make use of what you see, read, and hear will determine how much value it offers. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to enjoy yourself and have fun. It always needs to be something you do only once you have covered all the work you need to be done and the extra time for personal growth.

What will you do with 1-hour of free time?

Sometimes, free time needs to be used for something of value. Let’s talk about the typical story of someone who lives life in a particular way. Many people have two jobs and spend more than 14 hours of the day working. The rest of their day is usually spent with family, eating, taking bathroom breaks, and sleeping. There is little room for fun and entertainment when you live your life this way.

So, let’s say someone with this type of schedule has one hour to spare daily. They can do anything they want with that hour. Watch TV, lie on a couch, and play video games or anything else they want. That time of leisure would be of no particular benefit.

time management

In contrast, they could turn this free time into an activity that could make a real difference, such as learning a new skill, reading, listening to a podcast, doing a side business, starting up a passion project, cultivating a deeper connection with important people, meditating, or getting into personal fitness. The options are limitless.

Once you start seeing the benefits of devoting one hour daily to one valuable activity, you will become accustomed to doing only what provides you value. You will begin to question whether mindless scrolling on social media feeds over involving yourself in valuable activities that broaden your thinking and enrich your world experience is worth your time. You become protective of your time.

Final thoughts

Sometimes it can be hard to admit that you are not good at time management and are not spending your time optimally. It would help if you considered that time is the most relevant thing you have and is precious.

The more you invest your time in things that help you grow as an individual, the easier it is for you to enjoy a life with more time for fun and leisure. This will be essential for your success in all aspects of life.

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