Top 5 Food and Restaurant Technology Trends in 2022

food and resturant rech trends

As technology rapidly advances, it will inevitably impact the food and restaurant industry. These developments are already influencing how restaurants operate and consumers interact with food. 

From convenient and contactless experiences to the rise of plant-based foods, let’s look at the most significant technological changes that will affect the restaurant and food industry in 2022.

What are the top trends

Of the emerging technology trends in food, the following five are worth exploring in detail:

1. Convenience and contactless experiences

Technology can make diners’ experiences more convenient. In 2022, we can expect to see restaurants using technology such as mobile ordering and payment, table-side tablets, and even contactless orders. This technology will allow diners to complete transactions without speaking to a server and using a tablet or QR code on each table.

To survive in these times, restaurants need to embrace contactless experiences, such as fingerprint scanners for payment and Bluetooth technology, allowing customers to order and pay from their seats. These technologies will make the dining experience faster and more seamless for diners.

food and resturant rech trends

2. Rise of plant-based foods

The popularity of plant-based foods is rising, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. Restaurants are beginning to offer more vegan and vegetarian options, and ethical farming is helping to drive this trend. 

In particular, new food delivery services focusing on healthier, plant-based foods are becoming popular. These services use technology to make it easy for people to find plant-based meal options nearby. They also use technology to provide recipes and cooking instructions for those who want to cook their vegan meals.

3. Interactive dining experiences

Restaurants can also use technology to create interactive dining experiences beyond traditional restaurant settings. In 2022, we can expect restaurants to experiment with VR technology to create immersive dining experiences

For example, a VR restaurant could allow diners to explore different virtual environments while they eat. They could also use VR technology to provide entertainment and educational content related to the food they are eating.

4. Personalization of menu options

Technology can also be used to personalize menu options for individual diners. This trend is already starting to take off and is expected to continue in 2022. 

Now, companies can use personalized data collected from customers’ devices. For example, restaurants could track the foods people search online or order through delivery services. Based on this data, restaurants could create customized menus and suggestions for each customer.

5. Delivery and takeout

Delivery and takeout will continue to be popular in 2022. It is estimated that food delivery will reach over $66 million in 2022.

Technology has played a significant role in the growth of delivery and takeout. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen that online ordering platforms, food delivery apps, and even voice-activated assistants have made it easier for us to order food from our homes.

food and resturant rech trends

What does this mean for restaurants and food

The technology trends we explored above will significantly impact the overall dining experience. Restaurants will need technology to create convenient and contactless experiences for their diners. They will also need to develop interactive dining experiences beyond the traditional restaurant setting. 

At the same time, restaurants should continue to focus on personalizing menu options for individual diners. And finally, they should continue to invest in delivery and takeout services to meet the growing demand for these services.

These advances will define the food industry. The contactless payment and delivery methods examined above will considerably influence how customers dine and their expectations. Restaurants must find ways to use technology to provide convenient and contactless experiences. They’ll also need to consider innovative ways to engage with them in a restaurant setting.

Key takeaways

Since the spread of COVID-19, technology has been a driving force in the restaurant industry. We can expect to see even more technology-driven trends in food and restaurants. Restaurants will use technology to create convenient and contactless experiences for diners, personalize menu options, and drive the popularity of plant-based foods. 

Furthermore, delivery and takeout services will continue to grow, so restaurants should invest in these services.

Ethel Emmons

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