Top 5 Healthy Functional Beverages in 2022

functional beverage

Have you ever noticed a functional beverage in your local grocery store and wondered how it differs from other sodas and juices? 

Functional beverages are made to do more than hydrate you. They are drinks that you can add to your lifestyle and receive several benefits it has. They are non-alcoholic drinks rich in essential nutrients to carry out normal body functions. The purpose of functional beverages is to provide a refreshment that promotes a healthier lifestyle. 

Read below to learn more about functional beverages and the top brands in this category that you should try!

Benefits of Functional Beverages

Consumers of all ages and genders define their own lives and select particular beverages following those definitions. Depending on their ingredients and manufacturing processes, functional drinks can lower the chance of developing cancer, strengthen the immune system, enhance physical and mental health, and possess anti-stress, anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Following are the five most prominent benefits of incorporating functional beverages into your lifestyle.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Functional drinks go above and beyond regular sports drinks as they contain extra protein that aids muscle rehabilitation. The drinks are low in carbohydrates and sugar with rich amino acids, helping quick muscle recovery and improving physical performance. A standard glass may not give you the same energy boost as a functional drink.

Stimulate Immune System

Functional drinks contain different vitamins vital to building a robust immune system. They are efficient in developing antibodies against several viruses and infections. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many people and weakened their immune systems. Doctors around the work reinforced their focus on the benefits of using functional drinks.

Provide Additional Nutrients

Functional drinks provide the nutrition on the go, so you can now maintain your health while working, studying, traveling, basically anywhere. If you are not receiving the right amount of nutrients through your diet, these drinks can be your best bud. The essential vitamins such as Vit A, B, and C are necessary to keep you fit in the long run.

Assists in Weight Loss

Functional beverages help in losing weight without draining the nutrients in your body. High protein consumption helps keep you whole and makes you crave less. You’re less likely to overeat at meals or consume unhealthy snacks if you feel satisfied after consuming a functional drink. It maintains your health while also aiding in weight loss.

Top 5 Brands dominating the functional beverage market

The market for functional beverages is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.66 percent from 2019 to 2024. The variety of available drinks will broaden the market’s focus and create more opportunities for research and development. Following are the top 5 brands taking over the functional beverage industry through their drink variations.

1. Ultima Replenisher

Ultima Replenisher has topped the list of the best functional beverages. They have been making electrolyte hydration drink powders for over 25 years and providing customers with a healthy drink option. The flavors are stevia infused and contain six electrolytes and minerals essential to the human body. These drink powders are free of sugar, soy, and gluten and 100% vegan and Keto. 

With Ultima Replenisher, you can enjoy a healthy drink that is delicious and keeps you active and happy. The brand has acquired appeal in the fitness and keto communities. It is now carried in stores all over the US after making headlines in Women’s Health, Bon Appetit, US Magazine, Better Nutrition, and many other illustrious publications.

2. Rasa

Rasa is the world’s first functional coffee alternative containing adaptogens that calm your mind and boost your morning energy. Rasa’s rich, roasted unique formulas, fueled by super-functional adaptogens, are making a serious challenge to coffee. The company is expected to get about $10 million in revenue by the end of 2022.

Adaptogens have been utilized for thousands of years to stimulate and nourish the body while reestablishing balance. Perfect for coffee addicts, Rasa saves you from caffeine side effects while also serving you the yummy coffee taste, which will make your immune system stronger. It promises to increase your happy moods and energy to keep you healthier.

3. Rebbl

Rebbl has a very noble beginnings, founded on creating innovative and sustainable business solution to the human trafficking problem in Peru. This is made possible by crafting functional beverages from native ingredients grown in regions in need of economic empowerment. What makes them different is that they are producing superfood elixirs but they are also doing that in a way that creates positive impact to the world.

They have super herb elixirs, protein elixirs, gold label, pop with prebiotic, and stacked coffee. These drinks promise to destress, re-energize, nourish with the best of the plant-based ingredients like turmeric, maca, ashwagandha, reishi, matcha, lion’s mane extract, L-theanine, maitake, and turkey tail extract. They are functional and delicious.

4. Plants by People 

Known for its famous adaptogen plant tonics, Plants by People is a wellness beverage brand promoting healthy routines. To enhance nutritional benefits and restore natural balance, each powdered brew is made with organic herbs and botanicals, extremely rich in nutrients and with zero additives.

plants by the people
Credits: Plants by the People

These powdered drinks have natural ingredients like Schizandra berry, ginger root, jujube date, and various reviving fruit powders to aid in several human functions such as digestion and rejuvenation and provide energy to boost the immune system ultimately. The 2020 startup has become market competitive quickly and is a must for you to try.

5. Ahista Tea

Featured at Michelin-starred restaurants, Ahista Tea has brought healthier versions of teas to everyone around the world. It is made of single-ingredient leaves, spices, herbs, and flowers that are all-natural and aim to improve your health and mood. Ahista has become one of the top-selling tea brands for its unlimited tasty and refreshing drinks.

functional beverage

The four popular tea flavors introduced by Ahista Tea are enriched with rejuvenating skin ingredients that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to keep your skin youthful and fresh. It also offers other health benefits, such as stress and allergies. Ahista Tea has proven to be the favorite companion for all tea lovers.

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